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Please check below to download subject wise and Paper I, II & III Question Papers.

November 2017 UGC NET Question Papers : Paper – II

N 00117 Paper II Economics.pmd.pdf
N 00217 Paper II Political Science.pmd.pdf
N 00317 Paper II Philosophy.pdf
N 00417 Paper II Psychology.pdf
N 00517 Paper II Sociology.pdf
N 00617 Paper II History.pdf
N 00717 Paper II Anthropology.pdf
N 00817 Paper II Commerce.pdf
N 00917 Paper II Education.pdf
10 N 01017 Paper II Social Work.pdf
11 N 01117 Paper II Defence & Strategic.pdf
12 N 01217 Paper II Home science.pdf
13 N 01417 Paper II Public Administration.pdf
14 N 01517 Paper II Population Studies.pdf
15 N 01617 Paper II Hindustani Music.pdf
16 N 01717 Paper II Management.pdf
17 N 01817 Paper II Maithili.pdf
18 N 01917 Paper II Bengali.pdf
19 N 02017 Paper II Hindi.pdf
20 N 02117 Paper II Kannada.pdf
21 N 02217 Paper II Malayalam.pdf
22 N 02317 Paper II Odiya.pdf
23 N 02417 Paper II Punjabi.pdf
24 N 02517 Paper II Sanskrit.pdf
25 N 02617 Paper II Tamil.pdf
26 N 02717 Paper II Telugu.pdf
27 N 02817 Paper II Urdu.pdf
28 N 02917 Paper II Arabic.pdf
29 N 03017 Paper II English.pdf
30 N 03117 Paper II Linguistic.pdf
31 N 03217 Paper II Chinese.pdf
32 N 03317 Paper II Dogari.pdf
33 N 03417 Paper II Nepali.pdf
34 N 03517 Paper II Manipuri.pdf
35 N 03617 Paper II Assamese.pdf
36 N 03717 Paper II Gujarati.pdf
37 N 03817 Paper II Marathi.pdf
38 N 03917 Paper II French.pdf
39 N 04017 Paper II Spanish.pdf
40 N 04117 Paper II Russian.pdf
41 N 04217 Paper II Persian.pdf
42 N 04317 Paper II Rajasthani.pdf
43 N 04417 Paper II German.pdf
44 N 04517 Paper II Japanese.pdf
45 N 04617 Paper II Adult Education.pdf
46 N 04717 Paper II Physical Education.pdf
47 N 04917 Paper II Arab Culture & Islamic Studies.pdf
48 N 05017 Paper II Indian Culture.pdf
49 N 05517 Paper II Labour Welfare & Indu. Rela..pdf
50 N 05817 Paper II Law.pdf
51 N 05917 Paper II Library & Information science.pdf
52 N 06017 Paper II Buddhist.pdf
53 N 06217 Paper II Comparative Study of Religions.pdf
54 N 06317 Paper II Mass Comm and Journlism.pdf
55 N 06517 Paper II Dance.pdf
56 N 06617 Paper II Museology & Conservation.pdf
57 N 06717 Paper II Archaeology.pdf
58 N 06817 Paper II Criminology.pdf
59 N 07017 Paper II Tribal and Regi..pdf
60 N 07117 Paper II Folk Literature.pdf
61 N 07217 Paper II Comparative Literature.pdf
62 N 07317 Paper II Sanskrit Traditional Subjects.pdf
63 N 07417 Paper II Women Studies.pdf
64 N 07917 Paper II Visual Arts.pdf
65 N 08017 Paper II Geography.pdf
66 N 08117 Paper II Social Medicine and Community Health.pdf
67 N 08217 Paper II Forensic Science.pdf
68 N 08317 Paper II Pali.pdf
69 N 08417 Paper II Kashmiri.pdf
70 N 08517 Paper II Konkani.pdf
71 N 08717 Paper II Computer Science.pdf
72 N 08817 Paper II Electronic Science.pdf
73 N 08917 Paper II Environmental Science.pdf
74 N 09017 Paper II Internationl & Area Studies.pdf
75 N 09117 Paper II Prakrit.pdf
76 N 09217 Paper II Human Rights and Duties.pdf
77 N 09317 Paper II Tourism Administration & Management.pdf
78 N 09417 Paper II Bodo.pdf
79 N 09517 Paper II Santali.pdf
80 N 09617 Paper II Karnatik Music.pdf
81 N 09717 Paper II Rabindra Sangeet.pdf
82 N 09817 Paper II Percussion Instruments.pdf
83 N 09917 Paper II Drama & Theatre.pdf
84 N 10017 Paper II Yoga.pdf

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Subject Wise Answer Keys: CBSE UGC NET 05 November 2017 – Paper 1, 2 & 3

 UGC NET Exam Pattern

The Test consists of three papers which were held in three separate sessions. All the three papers consist of only objective type questions.

Paper I consists of 50 objective type compulsory questions and each question carries 2 marks.
Paper II consists of 50 objective type compulsory questions based on the subject selected by the applicant. Each question carries 2 marks.
Paper III consists of 75 objective type compulsory questions from the subject selected by the applicant. Each question carries 2 marks. There are no negative marks for incorrect answer.

How to Calculate Score?

Candidates can calculate score as per the specified marking scheme prescribed by CBSE. For every correct answer, candidates have to add 2 marks and calculate the score by adding the marks for every correct answer.

The formula to calculate the score –  Marks scored = Number of correct answers x 2.

CBSE NET 2017 Minimum Qualifying Marks

Step I: The candidates are required to obtain minimum marks in aggregate of all three papers i.e. Paper-I, Paper-II and Paper –III for considering a candidate for the award of JRF and eligibility for Assistant Professor as given below:

Category Minimum Marks (%) to be obtained
General 40% aggregate marks in all the three papers taken together
OBC (Non-creamy layer)/PwD/SC/ST 35% aggregate marks in all the three papers taken together

Step II: Amongst those candidates who have appeared in all three papers and cleared step I, a merit list will be prepared subject-wise and category-wise using the aggregate marks of all the three papers secured by such candidates.

Step III: The number of slots for eligibility for Assistant Professor only will be equal to the 6% of the candidates appeared in all three papers of NET. The subject-wise and category-wise distribution of slots will be calculated by using the similar formula as used for calculation slots of JRF as mentioned on the next page.

Step IV: A separate merit list for the award of JRF will be prepared from amongst the NET qualified candidates figuring in the merit list prepared under step III by using the formula mentioned on next page.

Similar formula will be used for OBC/SC/ST category and all the subjects.

It may be noted that the above qualifying criteria decided by UGC/CBSE is final and binding.

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