Answers to the UnAnswered Questions

The UnAnswered Questions : We have tried to collect as much information as possible about the queries we have received so far.

>> June 2012 : Case Status, Results & etc
>> December 2012: Cut-Off, Answer Keys, Results, Certificates, Letters, etc
>> June 2013: Expected Notification Dates

  • Why UGC is not revising results as per the KHC/SC’s Verdict?
    • UGC not accepted the Kerala High Court’s (KHC) Verdict and Counter filed case against the KHC’s Verdict and appealed to quash the Verdict given by KHC – Single Bench who declared June-2012 Results Criteria Alteration was Illegal.
    • UGC is still emphasizing on the Statement, “Only such candidates who obtain the minimum required marks in each paper separately, as mentioned above, will be considered for final preparation of result. However, the final qualifying criteria for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Eligibility for Lectureship shall be decided by UGC before declaration of result.” – Which was mentioned in June 2012 – Notification
    • News about SC’s verdict on UGC NET June-2012 Exam was a false one by Times Of India (TOI), later on TOI apologized for the same
  • What is status of Case against UGC NET Exam held on June-2012?
    • At this moment case is in KHC, which is postponed to February 05th, for further hearings.
    • KHC Rejected UGC’s appeal to quash the Verdict given by KHC – Single Bench (declaring June-2012 Results Criteria Alteration was Illegal).
  • Will Results of June-2012 Exam get Revised?
    • It’s got 50/50 chances, because, if KHC give verdict in favor of Candidates, UGC will Move to Supreme Court / Special Bench, and at Supreme Court, case can turn any side!
  • Would KHC standby its verdict given earlier?
    • Most probably KHC will stand by its Verdict, but cannot assure because of flaws in Law.
  • Can we also file a case against UGC in our High Court?
    • Of course any one can file a case against UGC, but we don’t think you would need to do so. Because, case is at Kerala High Court, you can decide after the final verdict from KHC.
    • If case got to moved to Supreme Court, then you may think to form a group to file a case.
  • What should be our course of actions now?
    • Hope for Court’s Verdict in favor of Candidates, but do not neglect your studies, prepare a little bit hard for Next Exam. There is nothing wrong in qualifying NET multiple times. This way you can be in safe side, what if courts verdict flips on other side?
  • I got 60% and didn’t get place in results list, but candidates who got 45% Aggregate had cleared NET?
    • According to UGC reply to an RTI, we could see Subject Wise & Category Wise Cut-Off %, in which many Subjects got Cut-Off as least as 41.14% & 42%. Need to check with that.
    • NOTE: We found these details over internet, not sure how Authentic it was, as we couldn’t collect full RTI details. However we have randomly checked few Roll Numbers, for which we could correlate with the Cut-Off Number given in the document, so we thought it was good enough to consider.
  • When we will get eCertificate
  • For Offline Candidates
  • For Subjects whose eCertificates are not yet uploaded
    • Most probably by February 2nd Week all eCertificates will be Uploaded
  • When we will get eCertificate
  • Those who got message & submitted documents through Post/Courier
  • After UGC verifying your documents, your eCertificate will be uploaded and your profile will be updated, which will take some time, may be a week or ten days.
  • Why I am asked to submit Documents, as many of my friends were not asked, and got the eCertificate?
  • Few probable causes, but not limited to:
    • If have not given proper details about your PG while filling online application.
    • If you have not filled PG Marks Details, Totals Marks/Grade/% etc
    • If you have not submitted all required documents at your Coordinating University
  • Does UGC issues only eCertificate? What about Certificate Hard Copy?
    • UGC will issue Certificate (Hard Copy), will be sent to your home address.
  • UGC send only Certificate for NET, what about JRF Certificate?
    • UGC will send “Award of JRF” Letter, which can be redeemed, if you are opting for Ph.D
  • How much time it will take to send Certificate (Hard Copy) & JRF Certificate to me?
    • It would take 2 to 4 months after declaring results, and even more in some cases
  • When will Official KEY’s of December-12 NET exam will be released?
    • Expected by February 2nd week.
  • When will UGC announce results of December-2012 NET Exam?
    • Expected in Mid March
  • What would be the Expected Cut-off / Marks % to clear December-2012 NET Exam?
    • As the Criteria announced by UGC seems to be a bit complicated to guess. However experts and Sr. Professors expect it as, “70% – 65 % – 60%” (Gen – OBC – SC/ST/PWD) to be in safe side and a cutback of 5-8 % can be assumed if the Question Paper of a Particular Subject was too tough to answer by masses.
  • When notification for June-2013 NET exam is will be released?
    • Expected in the month of April

Got any quires, feel free to ask us.

Disclaimer: Above presented information is “UNOFFICIAL” and based on News from Media & Views and Opinions of Professors & Candidates who are NET Qualified already. Its purely based on Individual Opinions, you are required to apply your own discretion while referring them.

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