How to Get Rid of Fear of Board Exam? Experts Tips

How to Get Rid of Fear of Board Exam: Board Exams are near and this is the time that each and every moment should be

utilize for study. It is essential to score good to get admission in reputed university or colleges. Every student can perform excellent but the exam fear badly affects the performance of an average students. So here we are describing some expert tips to get rid of Board Exam.

Experts Tips for Board Exam:

1. The best way to overcome exam fear is to make practice and practice as possible. The practice made us strong enough to face the exam with a better mindset.

2. To do continuously study will not be as effective however study in phases will enhance understanding of topics. Set a time limit of 40 minutes for each phase. After each phase take a break of 20 minutes

3. Shortcut will not helpful to achieve your goals. So make a great deal of effort to fulfil your dreams.

4. Concentrate to each and every subject to get good marks in each.

5. Don’t waste your time in unnecessary things as TV, Computer games, mobile phones. However in break time for relaxation you may listen inspirational music.

6. Eat well and sleep well.

7. Write clearly and be direct to the point. Don’t write any irrelevant information.

8. Make a good timetable will help you. To prepare long/hard subject take more time than a short/easy subject. However all subjects should be studied.

9. Make notes while studying. Easy notes in your language will help you to understand a topic deeply and it will be easy to learn.

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