How to Speak English Fluently in 10 days – Step By Step

How to Speak English Fluently:
English is becoming the important aspect of life; some may find it difficult to speak. The question that arises is how to speak English fluently? It is not at all difficult, if you follow simple step you can learn to speak English fluently in 10 days, the guidelines are provided below, just follow the simple steps and you may find that speaking English is not at all a difficult job.
Steps to be followed to speak English fluently in 10 days are:
  • Newspapers– They are the basic source to learn the common English spoken in day to day life. One must read English newspapers daily and practice the words.
  • Pocket Dictionary– It is easy to carry a pocket dictionary to any place a person is visiting. Any word that seems difficult or unknown could be referred through dictionary.
  • Adopt English in your daily life– If an aspirant wants be really good in English the only way possible is to use it in daily routine no matter how broken it might seem in starting but with daily routine it will be polished and a rhythm would be created.
  • Listen to the English songs– English songs may help you to practice English try and remember the lyrics and practice them.
  • Watch English Movie– One must watch Hollywood movies for the better reference and if you are unable to understand their language due to fluentness use subtitles.
  • Listen to the conversation attentively– For being a good speaker one must be a good listener too, so be a part of the group speaking in English and listen as well as learn how they are speaking.
  • Think in English– Very important step to adopt in life is that while thinking about anything in your mind try to communicate in English with yourself in your mind as thoughts would change so would the speaking power change.
  • Read novel and books– English novels are very supportive in case of spoken language as the conversation given in them are helpful to learn the language.
  • Write in English– Pick a topic and start writing in English about it and then look for the mistakes done while writing it.
  • Regular Practice– As there is an English proverb “practice makes the man perfect” so practice it as much as possible, record your voice in English and get your mistakes corrected or you can also join an online spoken English class for the same purpose.
If these steps are followed English could be spoken fluently within 10 days for sure.

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