Kerala University Aspire Scholarship Scheme

Aspire Scholarship Scheme

University of Kerala has invited applications from regular students of the University Departments / Colleges under the University of Kerala for doing short term internships / projects in institutions other than their parent Colleges / University Departments, under the ‘Aspire Scholarship Scheme’ of the Govt. of Kerala.

Criteria for selection and award of ‘ASPIRE’ Scholarship

Only PG / M.Phil / PhD students of Kerala University Departments and Affiliated Colleges can apply.

The internship/project is to be worked out with the support and supervision of a scholar/guide in the host institution.

A Supervising teacher in the host institution can guide a maximum of two students only under the scholarship scheme.

Consent letter from the Supervising Guide, Facility Certificate from the host institution and No Objection Certificate from the parent Department / Colleges must be submitted by the applicant along with three copies of the project proposal not exceeding 1 ½ pages.

The Research plan / Abstract submitted should not reveal the identity of the applicant.

The project can be taken up within the Kerala University / any other University within the State/outside.

The applicant can also choose premier institutions like CDS, RCC etc as the host institution. Deemed Universities can also be chosen as the Host Institute. Inter Departmental projects, projects undertaken in affiliated colleges, IDE and private Institutions will be rejected.

The scholarship can be held concurrently with any other fellowship/scholarship/grant.

The value of the scholarship is Rs.8000/- p.m, if within the State and Rs.10,000/- p.m, if outside the State, for a period of 1 month for P.G. Course, for a maximum period of 4 months for M.Phil and Ph.D courses (at a single stretch or in 2 phases) depending upon the proposal.

The distribution of the scholarships shall be in the ratio of 2:3:5 for M.Phil, PG and PhD Courses respectively.

The Notification, Criteria and Copy of Proforma of application can be downloaded from the link ‘What’s new’ at the University Website

Application Form

Application has to be submitted through the institution where the applicant is undergoing the course

Copy of Proforma and Criteria can be downloaded from the University website

Applications not recommended and forwarded by the Principal / Head of the Department in which the applicant is studying / doing research will not be entertained.

The Principals / Head of the Departments are to forward the proposals incorporating details of eligible applicants after screening at the department/college council level.

Applications not recommended and forwarded by the Principal / Head of the Department in which the applicant is studying / doing research will not be considered.

The program aims at paving way for interaction of the students with scholars and giving them an exposure to National level research institutions.

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