Student Success Strategy

Student Success Strategy 

 Making a sound preparation strategy not only increase your score but also help you to manage your time and energy in a proper way. With good educational strategy you can learn more in less time and do other activities also of your interest. Here you will find some strategies of effective learning and how to gain more in less time.

Goal setting 

Establish your goal yourself; goal setting must be realistic and achievable. Write what you want to achieve, how much you want to achieve, in what time you want to achieve. Goal motivates you, direct you and increase your focus towards your work. For example you can set your goal weekly or motherly in the following manner.

Sample goal setting (for one day) 

Activity Time Subject
Question practice on chapter 3 Morning 6 – 7 Math’s
Making notes chapter 2 Afternoon 3-4 Physics
Leaning notes chapter 5 Evening 4-5 Chemistry
Concept revision chapter 4 Evening 6-7 Math’s
Practice question and examples Evening 7-71/2 Physics
Making notes Night  10-11 Chemistry

This is a sample for three subjects and for one day. You can manipulate the table according to the number of subjects to be prepared and time availability. The most important thing which must be keep in mind is that the goal setting table must be practical in nature and must be achieved well in time.

Time management 

Most of the student don’t lack in talent and resources but fail to manage their time during their study hours. First see how much time you study daily then accordingly divides your time in different subject. Gave more time for difficult subjects and less for the easy once. Keep away your cell phone and TV sets while studying. Take some physical activities breaks of short duration in between your studies to maintain your productivity and efficiency.

Exam preparation tips 

1) Study the important topics first.

2) Make time for revision of every subject.

3) Study according to the syllabus of the exam not according to the book.

4) Do some previous year exam papers also.

5) If you don’t understand some concept or topic, never hesitate to ask from your teacher or friend.

6) Always discuss and help other to make their concepts clear. This will also help you to make your concept more clear.

7) Don’t study during late night. This will affect your nervous system.

8) During your exam preparation, follow a nutritious healthy diet plan which makes you active and energetic during your study time.

9) Try to understand the subject matter. Understanding is more important than cramming.

10) Always believe in yourself that you can perform well during the exam.

Best of luck for your studies

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