How to Reduce Negative Marking in Exams

Today, almost all competitive exams whether it is for CSIR UGC NET Exam, Bank Jobs, Railway Jobs, Entrance Exam or for private jobs, following the trend of Negative marking.

Negative marking is the process to filter those candidates who are not sure for the correct Answer. Through Negative Marking it can be easily considered that how much He/She is prepared. Actually the main benefit of this process is that candidates who give answers only by Guessing.

Sometime these candidates achieved the marks for which they did not deserved. So it is necessary to test the candidates preparation and abilities to solve a problem.  And if you are well prepared then you do not need to fear from Negative marking.

Here we are providing you some important and useful tips to score good in every competitive exam by reducing the Negative marking.

  • Try to be sure for the right Answers: If you are not sure and just ticking off by guessing. Then you will be very far from the shortlisted candidates.
  • Read the question carefully: Because sometime we give the answer quickly and tick on the wrong answer while we know the right answer. So read the question carefully before giving the answers.
  • Don’t take Stress: While the examination feel yourself stress free. You can do better preparation if you are confident and relax. Hesitation affects your performance and you can’t do as much better as you can if you are in stress.
  • Make full Concentration: While Answering make full concentration if you can’t concentrate in the exam. Then it will be very difficult for you to give the proper answers.
  • Make short notes: For good preparation make short notes. These notes will be very helpful for you to learn the complex topics.

So if you are well prepared then you do not need to worry for Negative marking. Just concentrate to your goal and do hard work and follow the above steps to reduce the negative marking.

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