Difference between MPhil and PhD Degrees

MPhil means “Master of Philosophy” and PhD means “Doctor of Philosophy”. Both the degrees are research based and can be opted after the master’s degree has been completed. In some university PhD can be pursued after bachelor’s degree with excellent academic record. The students have to submit research paper work in both the courses of MPhil and PhD in order to appear. The study structure is almost same in both MPhil and PhD course but still there are some difference between the both.
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Difference between MPhil and PhD Degrees

  • Generally MPhil degree is of two years course but in some cases it can be of three years as well. The MPhil degree is mostly a thesis based course and known as a Senior OR Second Master’s Degree between a PhD and a taught Master’s Degree. A student can get an MPhil degree after few years’ original research but before the giving dissertation. This degree may work a pre-requisite for enrolling a PhD degree as well.
  • A PhD degree has a high edge over an MPhil degree. MPhil is generally used as training in advanced research work. In MPhil degree the research work generally has to be original. The research work in the dissertation need not to be compulsorily original rather it can replicate a research that has already been done.
  • PhD is a Doctorate degree awarded by universities. The education level needed to pursue PhD course depends on country, institution and time period as well. A student who completes PhD degree, he/she known to as a “Doctor”. The term “Doctorate of Philosophy” does not only relates to the field Philosophy but is used in a wider spectrum.
  • The requirements in order to complete PhD degree differ from university to university. In some universities of US, Canada and Denmark, they need additional course work to write a thesis. Some universities need the author of the thesis to defend the thesis work before it goes to panel of experts for examination. The thesis should contain good synthesis and tough abilities and detailed investigations along with practical illustrations.
  • The MPhil degree generally referred as a pre-requisite to do a PhD degree. The dissertation for MPhil does not have to be based on originality rather it can be replicated on someone else’s research. Whereas the thesis for a PhD degree has to be original and will be examined by a panel of judges to give doctorate degree. PhD has a value on higher note than an MPhil degree. MPhil is only a Master’s degree, on the other hand PhD is termed as Doctorate.

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