UGC Regulations 2017: Open and Distance Learning Programmes

University Grants Commission
Distance Education Bureau
35-Feroze Shah Road
New Delhi – 1100 001

F.No. 74-4/2017 (DEB-4)
Date: 29th June, 2017



The UGC (Open and Distance Learning) Regulations, 2017 have been notified in the Gazette on 23.06.2017. The same may be accessed at

In view of the provisions of the Regulations and considering the fact that academic session 2017-18 is about to start in July, 2017, UGC has decided the following:

(1) HEIs already approved/recognised for 2017-18 have been permitted to offer approved ODL programmes for academic year 2017-18. Such HEIs will be required to apply afresh in the prescribed format as per the UGC ODL Regulations, 2017 for consideration of recognition/approval as per point (2) mentioned below.

(2) Applications for recognising new HEIs and/or starting of new programmes will be invited online shortly as per the UGC ODL Regulations, 2017 for the academic session beginning January 2018/July 2018.

(3) Those HEIs which have submitted applications/representations for their recognition/approval and/or addition of new programmes need to apply afresh as per the UGC ODL Regulations, 2017.

(Dr. Avichal Kapur)
Joint Secretary

The Publication Officer (for uploading on UGC (DEB) website)

UGC DEB Regulations 2017:



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