UGC’s Press Note on June 2013 NET Results about “Unfair Means”

UGC released a press note on June 2013 Results about “Unfair Means”.

Initially, candidates who changed their responses by scratching or using white fluid were kept under the category of “Unfair Means” and their result was not processed and hence they were declared disqualified.

However after a large number of students complaining, UGC decided to process such result by deducting the marks of those responses which were changed by scratching or using white fluid.

Note: This decision will beapplicable only to June 2013 exam. However, in future NET examinations the candidates are liable to be disqualified in case response(s) is/are changed by scratching or using white fluid. Necessary instructions to this effect will be notified separately.

 Q: Will there be any impact of Revised Results on Previously Qualified Candidates?

A: There may not be any impact on Previously Qualified Candidates, the UGC will process the revised result and qualify the additional candidates for JRF and/or eligibility for lectureship without changing the result of previously qualified candidates.

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