CBSE UGC NET – 2014 December eCertificates | Important Information |

All the Candidates who appeared and cleared NTA UGC NET Exam conducted in December 2014 are eagerly waiting to download eCertificate so that they can apply for MPhil/PhD Admissions, Lecturer/Assistant Professor Jobs and various other Research Fellow Positions. eCertificates are expected to be released by UGC in the month of August October on UGC’s official website.


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Can I get UGC NET Certificate Hard Copy, how to apply?

NO, you will only get eCertificate or Soft Copy which has to be download from UGCs official website, and UGC does not give any Certificate Hard Copy for candidates who cleared UGC NET Exam.

When will I get JRF Award Letter?

Candidates who cleared Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) will receive JRF “Letter of Award” within a month from the UGC NET eCertificates are released. JRF Letter of Award will be sent to the candidates home address given at the time of applying for the exam.

Do I need to submit any documents to CBSE or UGC to get Certificate/JRF Letter of Award?

No need to send or submit any documents to CBSE or UGC. If at all required you will be notified specifically either by email or a notice in your login. Even if you send documents in advance thinking they might ask you later, CBSE or UGC will not consider it.

If you need UGC NET Certificate urgently check here to know How to get UGC NET Provisional Certificate

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