Two-Point Strategy to Stem Lecturer Atttrition Rate

Government universities/colleges have a new task at hand on how to retain the best talent. With ‘good’ lecturers heading to other institutions for better pay, the institutions have been affected big time. Hence, the focus seems to have now shifted towards the best faculty, and retaining them in colleges has turned out to be a Herculean task. Hence, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has now come out with a two-pronged strategy. Firstly, to evaluate the academic performance indicator (API) scheme as regards the entry point and career advancement of teachers and secondly evaluation of PhD/NET qualifications for entry of teachers and to accordingly, suggest a policy of selections.

In a circular, UGC secretary Dr SS Sandhu said, “The Central government, therefore, in larger public interest of attracting, retaining talented potential and selection of the most meritorious to the teaching profession, has constituted a committee under the chairmanship of former UGC chairman Prof Arun Nigavekar to suggest ways to retain the best talents.”

He further added that the Centre and the UGC have laid down various provisions for regulating recruitment of teachers and academic staff in universities and colleges and their career advancement in UGC funded institutions. However, continued vacancies in central government funded institutions is a matter of concern as these universities and colleges have to discharge their role as pace setting institutions in their areas of operation. The government has also received recommendations regarding the scheme of academic and research requirements governing direct recruitment and career advancement of teachers in universities and colleges. These recommendations would also have implications on higher educational institutions in the states.

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