Research Scholars Petition Governor on Fellowship

Research scholars took to the streets against the UGC’s decision to restrict non-Net fellowship and submitted a petition at the Raj Bhaban, drawing the Governor’s attention to several unresolved issues. This was part of a nationwide signature campaign by Democratic Research Scholars’ Organization.

“In Bengal, more than 2,000 research scholars have signed up. Apart from the long-standing problems of this sector, the MHRD review committee is supposed to submit reports in mid-December on restricting non-NET fellowship which bulk of the research scholars depend on. More gravely, severe fund slash with a direct policy vision towards self-financing, privatizing and ccommercializing the whole arena and converting research into project based business-like enterprise has been taken up through the Dehradun Declaration,” said the group conveners.

At the two-day ‘Chintan Shivir’ held in Dehradun in June, the Centre has directed all CSIR laboratories to be self-financed. “The ever-deepening crisis and the government’s apathy towards scholars’ demands are compelling us again and again to hit the streets. And with deep regret we see that, instead of taking pro-research measures, the government is taking an adverse stand on the research and lives of researchers. This is a critical time and the way we can respond to the need of the hour will decisively determine the future we will be living in,” said the organization.

News Courtesy: The Times of India

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