PhD from Vikram University? Observe Caution for Government Job!

Tread caution if you are a PhD holder from Vikram University, you may not qualify for the government jobs across the country. Around 900 scholars who hold PhD from the university are now running pillar to post for even being eligible for post of professor in a university.

Universities across the country are not accepting the applications of PhD holder citing the lacunas in PhD ordnance of Vikram University passed in 2009. The affected scholars told Free Press that the committee of Higher Education Department had assured them during the course work that the PhD’s will be indicted under the new 2009 ordnance, but now the government is not accepting the PhD under the 6 point ordnance of 2009.

PhD of 900 scholars hang fire due to apathy of Vikram University

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They said hundreds of governments jobs are out but they are not able to apply because of the apathy and fault made by university. Around 35 such affected scholars on Monday handed over memorandum seeking redressal over the demands to registrar SC Arya.

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