Now Delhi University Teachers Can Guide PhD Scholars

According to the new rules prepared by Delhi University based on UGC guidelines and suggestions from teachers, varsity college teachers will now also be able to guide the students studying M.Phil. and Ph.D.

The university, which had recently prepared a new draft regarding the M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses, had sought suggestions from all the college teachers. According to these rules, college teachers with two years of experience in teaching can now become a teacher guide for M.Phil. courses too.

This decision has been taken in order to increase the participation of teachers in research while increasing the global ranking of the university in the field of research.

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Earlier, only the department teachers had the right to guide the M.Phil. and Ph.D. students as per the old ordinance. Following this, the teachers had demanded to reduce the experience criteria.

It is being estimated that nearly 4,000 teachers will be able to become research superviser based on these new rules. The suggestion to bring regulatory changes in the rules for both the courses is going on since the tenure of former DU vice-chancellor Dinesh Singh.

“As per the previous rules, only those college teachers with an experience of three years, a Ph.D. and association with a mojor research project were liable to guide Ph.D. students. But now, the experience limit has been reduced to two years. Also, the mandate of having a major research project for experience has also been removed,” DU academic council member R.N. Dubey said.

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He maintained that the council has even given suggestions to make the new draft as an ad-hoc teacher-friendly draft so that they are able to complete their work with no breaks during their class assignment.

The final draft will be approved by the DU V-C Yogesh Tyagi, once it is passed by the academic council.

News Courtesy: The Asian Age (link)

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