Now College Teachers can Guide M.Phil and PhD Scholars

After receiving several complaints, the state has allowed college teachers to act as research supervisors at the college level for guiding MPhil and PhD scholars.

“The government was aware of the problems faced by the teachers from colleges who held requisite qualifications to guide the students towards receiving MPhil and PhD degrees. Yet they couldn’t do so as the provision was only extended to university teachers.

Even if college teachers were allowed to be the research guides, in most cases they had to opt for a co-guide from university ,” said a senior higher education department official.

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“After careful consideration of the regulations laid down by the University Grants Commission, it is clear that the facility or the authority is not limited to university teachers but is also open to teachers from the affiliated colleges to act as research supervisors independently for PhD and MPhil students. The government has notified the universities and affiliated colleges about the regulation,” the official added.

Monoroma Chatterjee, head of department of physics in Asutosh College, welcomed the move.

Chatterjee, said, “The colleges which have adequate infrastructure and facilities will benefit from the decision. Till now, a student had to opt for a co-guide who was a university teacher along with the college teacher.”

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News Courtesy: The Times of India (link)

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