DU Seeks Suggestions for Amendments in Ordinances for MPhil and PhD

Delhi University has asked for suggestions from academicians and experts for amendments in the ordinances for PhD and Mphil Courses.

The updated draft of the ordinances has been put up on the University’s websites. The suggestions will be sent by various experts. And late the suggestions will be reviewed by the Deans of different departments.

In fact, only last year the PhD ordinance had been amended in accordance with the UGC Regulation, 2009, and UGC Regulation, 2010.

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The amendment made mandatory to admit the students only through an entrance test. According to the amended norms after the completion of the evaluation process and the announcement of the PhD, the Universities are asked to submit a soft copy of the thesis to the UGC which will be put up in Shodhganga.

Shodhganga’s aim is to make the dissertations accessible to all institutions and universities. The universities have to submit within the period of 30 days.

The teachers are not very happy with the Universities move to check plagiarism. They argued that to eliminate plagiarism the process should start from the top.

News Courtesy: ENA India (link)

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