Committee to suggest measures for selection of meritorious teachers

The Union government and the UGC have laid down various provisions for regulating recruitment of teachers and academic staff in universities and colleges and their career advancement in UGC funded institutions.
However, the continuing vacancy position in central government funded institutions is a matter of concern as these universities and colleges have to discharge their role as pace setting institutions in their areas of operation.
The government has also received several petitions regarding the policy for selections to the post of Assistant Professors in Universities and Colleges, including such State higher educational institutions. The UGC has further, in the past, made certain recommendations in the matter.
The Union government has, therefore, in the larger public interest of attracting and retaining talented and quality manpower and selection of the most meritorious to the teaching profession, constituted a committee on 24th July, 2015. This includes Evaluation of the Academic Performance Indicator (API) Scheme as regards the entry point and career advancement of teachers by taking into account its criticism and suggest suitable improvements/alternatives.
Evaluation of Ph.D-NET qualifications for entry of teachers and to accordingly suggest a policy for selections. Consideration of the problems and issues related to Ad-hoc and contractual appointments in Central Universities and recommendations to resolve them.
Source: The Times of India

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