CBSE NET 28 June 2015: Many rue over difficult 3rd paper

Approximately 6 lakh candidates appeared for the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on behalf of University Grants Commission (UGC) on Sunday across the nation. Most of them, however, rued over the level of difficulty of the third paper saying it asked questions in too much details.

The NET has three papers. The first- a general paper on teaching and aptitude research common for all applicants – comprises 60 multiple choice questions of which the examinee is required to answer 50. The second and third papers are subject specific and has 50 and 75 objective type questions respectively. Applicable for 89 subjects, qualifying the NET determines a candidate’s eligibility for becoming an assistant professor or for a junior research fellowship (JRF).

“Overall the test was good, but the third paper was very detailed and was quite tough. It should have been a bit easier. Qualifying NET should not be made compulsory to become assistant professors or lecturers,” said Yachna Suryavanshi who is pursuing an MA in English from a city college.

Another examinee, Sameeksha Gupta who is a teacher at a private school said, “The third section was the toughest and demanded in-depth knowledge of the chosen subjects. Like for commerce, we needed to know everything about class XI to masters, which is quite a lot. I feel NET qualification should not be compulsory to become assistant professors.”

Those who qualify for the award of JRF are eligible to pursue research in the subject they hold a post graduate degree in or in a related subject. They are also eligible for becoming assistant professors, but all of depends on their cumulative performance in all three papers of NET.

In March, the SC had upheld the UGC’s regulation on NET or State Level Eligibility Test clearance being mandatory for being appointed as lecturers in universities without any exemptions, as a result of which thousands took the NET this time.

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