44% Lecturer Posts Vacant in State Varsities

44 per cent of vacancies in lecturer posts allotted to state varsities unfilled, colleges make do with guest teachers

Karnataka boasts of a world-class education system, but the claim rings hollow when seen in the light of the severe lack of teachers at its colleges. The academic year has kicked off, but colleges cannot shrug off a gloomy feeling because of a staggering number of vacant lecturer and professor posts.

The education department has allotted around 3,524 assistant professors, assistant lecturers and professors to the 17 state universities, but around 1,561 vacancies are unfilled. This means, there is a 44.3 per cent deficiency in lecturers.

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Recently it had been reported that 391 degree colleges in the state do not have principals. That there are no lecturers too in many colleges adds to education system’s woes.Sources from the department of collegiate education said government Science degree colleges do not have enough lecturers so they are shutting down. The situation in the Arts Department is worse. There is close to a 30 per cent dip in admissions for the Arts combinations.

A professor from a state university told, “The minister has to give the nod for a lecturer to be appointed. For the minister to give the nod, the finance department has to approve. There are no funds so the finance department is not giving the nod and so the minister is not clearing recruitment of teachers.”

The state government made an announcement recently that students of Engineering, Medicine and Polytechnic streams, including the first-grade colleges for the academic year 2017-18, would be given laptops. The state government is also offering free bus passes to SC/ST category of students. But all these gestures fall short of the goal of education without a good number of lecturers.

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Experts said the government is not keen on filling up the vacant positions in the colleges. The existing lecturers are posted to do the department work for which they are sent to different locations. The principal of a college said, “First of all there is a shortage of lecturers. On top of that, the government allots various activities to the existing teachers. We are left with no one so how do we run our classes? We are forced to postpone the classes and wait for the lecturers to come back.”

An expert said the quality of education will dip. As of now, the department has recruited guest lecturers; consolidate lecturers and full-time temporary lecturers.

Dr M Muniraju, vice-chancellor, Bangalore University, told BM, “The government is aware of this issue. Though almost half of the lecturers’ positions are vacant, guest lecturers are doing the job. We will recruit teachers after the department of collegiate education order allows us to.”

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VTU V-C Dr Karisidappa said, “Only a few lecturers’ posts are yet to be filled. The government is looking into this matter and hopefully, before we start fresh semesters, we will have filled up the vacant positions.”

News Courtesy: Bangalore Mirror (link)

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