How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills [for 10 Marks]

At present, in all competitive exams there is a section of reading comprehension in which student have to give the answer of comprehension passages.

Reading comprehension is essential for the candidates who take part in this type of test such as NET, CAT, MAT, and SAT etc.

Reading Comprehension skill test is not complex, but it depends on trick. This test based on analytical ability of the candidate. It needs lot of practice and extra effort to get high marks.

To crack the Reading Comprehension Test we should increase our Logical thinking and critical thinking which helps to give answer that question in short duration.

Speed: Speed is an important part in Reading comprehension. Most of the people reading slow approximately 150 to 200 words per minute but for effective reading require 800 to 1000 words per minutes with remembering.

Regular and constant practice will increase your reading efficiency. Some person read very fast but there is no use of it because they don’t understand the meaning of that reading. It is not a mechanical activity it generates by practice.

How to crack Reading Comprehension Test:

Reading Comprehension is based on reading and to understand well. In competitive exam comprehension passage consist of 800 to 1000 words and you have to read that passage in 5 to 10 minutes and understand each and every line. Passage consists of 8 to 10 question with four or five options. If you want to succeed in this section then you should do in last because it will take time. First you have to read the whole passage and understand and begin to answer the question. If your reading power is strong then there is no need to go back to the passage again.

There is no need to get extra familiar with any particular topic because usually a passage belongs to current affair, science and technology, arts, literatureetc. if you read journals, news paper, magazine daily then it will be an advantage for you.

There are some important questions for comprehension:

  • The passage suggests that……
  • What is the central idea of this passage?
  • According to author what he want to say?
  • Passage is concerned with…
  • Which of the following is true statement?

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